About Us

Sandblasting Las Vegas are a company that specialize in several different forms of abrasive media blasting, servicing the Las Vegas, Nevada region. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our team of experts have amassed all the necessary knowledge as well as skills needed to deliver a first-class service. We offer a range of services and are confident we can assist in providing information, guidance as well as actually carrying out work on the potential project.

The range of techniques, services, materials and equipment that we have at our disposal mean that we are prepared to help in a number of different ways. Ranging from more traditional sandblasting techniques to newer technologies such as dustless blasting and soda blasting, we are well equipped to handle any manner of job. We can assist you with diverse projects such as car restoration jobs, residential sandblasting and industrial sandblasting. Using different, equipment, pressure and different forms of abrasive media, our service is tailored specifically to your wants and needs.

A well as delivering a high- quality service to our customers, we are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience. We care about our customers and that is reflected in our work. We take ownership of all projects, ensuring they are carried out to the highest standard. We feel that identifying the needs of our customers is extremely important and have gone to great lengths to ensure that our customers can trust in us and in the services that we provide. At Sandblasting Las Vegas, we feel passionately about professionalism.


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