Car Sandblasting

Sandblasting is an extremely effect way of stripping paint and rust from metal. Therefore, it a great way of restoring cars that have developed rust over time or are in need of a new paint job. In order to prepare your vehicle for work or to be painted, it is important to strip the current paint first, as well as addressing any issues regarding rust.

We at Sandblasting Las Vegas are experts when it come to abrasive blasting so can assess your car and decide which type of media is suitable for its restoration. We understand what steps to take and can ensure that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care. We will make recommendations regarding the type of abrasive to use. Common media for car restoration jobs include sandblasting, soda blasting and crushed glass blasting.


We understand that your vehicle is important to you. For that reason, we will carry out all work with the utmost care. We pay close attention to detail and will ensure all paint is stripped and rust is removed safely. When operating sandblasting machinery, it is important to take extreme care in relation to any particularly fragile parts of the car, for example, the windows. Our team of professionals have great experience in the area, and so will ensure that the windows are protected accordingly. We will also take extreme care in protecting the body of the car, ensuring that it is not damaged or warped during the process.


Our team are experts when it comes to car restoration. They have amassed a wealth of experience in the area and therefore know what necessary steps to take. They take particular care when it comes to the techniques used in the sandblasting process. Our staff will ensure not to direct the nozzle towards the window and will ensure that factors such as heat as a result of media friction are controlled so as not to warp the panel of the car. The pressure of the blast needs also to be kept under control. We want you to trust that we are fully in control of the situation.


As previously stated, we care greatly about the opinions of our customers. Therefore, we like to include them in the decision-making process. Through open communication and consultation from the outset, we can identify our customers needs, which in turn helps us to deliver a first-class service.


At Sandblasting Las Vegas, we care about our customers. For that reason, all work undertaken by us is done so with the greatest care. All projects will be subject to quality control to ensure that all features of the vehicle are entirely safe following work. All work carried out by Sandblasting Las Vegas is done so in line with the relevant safety regulations. Our staff have all been trained to the highest standards and have received the qualifications necessary to deliver the best possible service. We give our customers fantastic piece of mind when it comes to professionalism.


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