Industrial Sandblasting

Industrial sandblasting is an extremely effective method in tackling large scale projects. It is the most effective and efficient method of removing industrial waste or debris. Our sandblasting techniques work in eradicating any grime that has built up over time. We are confident that we can effectively remove tough materials rapidly and in a safe manner. Our method of blasting abrasive media at extremely high pressure at the effected areas yields fantastic results. The process strips down the surfaces, leaving a smooth finish.

Industrial sandblasting is a method that has multiple applications. As previously stated, it is a practice best suited to projects of considerable size. We feel that our industrial sandblasting techniques are best suited to tackle automotive facilities, ethanol and food plants, oil refineries, public utilities and shipyards. Our industrial sandblasting services may also be suitable for projects such as the exterior of buildings, tanks and bridges. The cleaning of heavy industrial equipment such as mining equipment may also benefit from industrial sandblasting. Our highly skilled team can deliver a service that not only cleans and strips down the surface, but actually improves the look and feel of the surface.

Heavy Equipment

Our industrial sandblasting techniques are of particular use in cleaning and stripping down heavy equipment and machinery. Removing paint from heavy machinery can prove to be extremely tricky. Removing oils, debris and matter that build up over time can cause serious problems too. Rust left untreated can damage your equipment in the long run. Using our industrial sandblasting techniques, we can quickly eradicate all such issues. Our team of experts will ensure the utmost care is taken in removing all offending material, leaving machinery that is ready to be re-painted or used as new.


At Sandblasting Las Vegas, we are passionate about the safety of our customers, our staff and our surroundings. All work carried out be Sandblasting Las Vegas is done so in the most caring and careful manner. We take steps to ensure utmost care is taken and that all necessary precautions are taken. All work is carried out within the relevant safety regulations.

When our work is carried out in the public space we will ensure that all relevant precautions are taken to make sure anyone in the vicinity is well out of harms way.

All of our staff are highly trained in the area and have the relevant qualifications to carry out work of this manner. We ensure that they are wearing the appropriate materials including a fully protective blast suit as well as mask and protective eye wear. If we are carrying out work at your home or business, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our team of experts have every detail covered. Any potential for harm has been anticipated and appropriate steps have been taken to ensure nothing of that nature happens. At Sandblasting Las Vegas we care deeply about our clients and want to ensure that our customers receive the best possible customer experience.


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