Residential Sandblasting

If you have recently bought a home in need of renovation or your currently property is in need of some repair work, we are here to help you. We offer excellent residential blasting services. Our highly skilled team of experts are on hand to transform your home. The services that we provide are suitable for stripping down and preparing surfaces at your property for work. Using our media blasting techniques, we can restore your exterior walls to their original state. This may mean stripping back the paint as well as cleaning the affected surfaces. The services we provide will create a smooth, clean surface which can then be re-painted or perhaps you are looking to re-stucco.

A well as the walls our sandblasting services are extremely useful in cleaning and stripping several other features at your property. We can provide assistance in stripping paint from wood as well cleaning wood. This may be of use if you have a deck that is in need of attention. Our team can clean the wood. The sandblasting may expose the grain of the wood, improving its aesthetic look and feel. We can also make improvements to features such as swimming pools. These can be cleaned extremely effectively. It is possible to sandblast your driveway or sidewalk outside your property. Our methods greatly enhance the look and feel. The result is a smooth, clean finish.


At Sandblasting, Las Vegas, we greatly value the opinions of our customers. For that reason, we feel that it is greatly beneficial to open a dialogue regarding what is we can do to help you. We feel that open communication is key to our success and we want to have you on board from the outset. Identifying the needs of our customers is of huge importance to us and we see it as the first stage in our process. WE understand that your property means a lot to you and want you to trust that all carried out by our team will be done with the utmost care, paying close attention to your wants and needs.

Attention to detail

We feel that the beauty is in the detail. When we are servicing your home, we will ensure that the project is carried out paying close attention to detail. We want to ensure that every small feature in your property is looked after, cleaned or restored effectively.


When working at your home, we will ensure that the utmost care is taken when operating our machinery. Our team of highly skilled staff have received the highest level of training and possess the relevant qualifications necessary to operate to the highest standards. All materials and equipment in use are in line with the relevant safety regulations. Our team are highly diligent and will ensure that you anyone at the property is entirely safe during the sandblasting process. Our staff will be appropriately equipped in safety wear. We care about our clients and feel strongly that they receive the best customer experience possible.


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