Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is another popular method of cleaning and restoring surfaces. Soda blasting is particularly effective in undertaking particular types of jobs and surfaces. The main element used in soda blasting is sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, a name you may be more familiar with. The sodium bicarbonate shatters upon impact with the surface that it is being applied to meaning that it is a softer form of media blasting than more traditional methods. This means that the method of soda blasting can be used to great effect on more delicate surfaces. We apply the sodium bicarbonate at high pressures to the offending surfaces in order to remove contaminants as well as providing a smooth surface that is ready for work.

Due to the softer nature of its application, soda blasting can be put to effective use on more delicate surfaces such as plastics, chrome and glass in some cases. As it is a natural deodorizer, soda blasting works fantastically in dealing with damage caused by mould and smoke.

Benefits of Soda Blasting

When tackling areas affected by smoke or mould damage we feel that the use of soda blasting is extremely beneficial and would highly recommend its application. Also, at Sandblasting Las Vegas we are highly environmentally conscious and feel that the materials that we use are reflected in that. As sodium bicarbonate is entirely biodegradable and water soluble, it is an extremely safe option and one that doesn’t negatively affect the environment. For that reason, we would recommend its use on all projects in which we deem it suitable. Soda blasting is extremely effective in removing paint and grease and our expert team are professionals when it comes to putting the technique to its best use.

One major benefit of the use of soda blasting as opposed to more traditional forms of abrasive blasting is that it greatly helps in preventing further and future rusting when applied to metals and surfaces that are affected by rust. Soda blasting does not produce superfluous levels of heat and therefore does not result in any damage to the affected surface as a result. As previously stated, perhaps the greatest advantage of using this particular method of cleaning and restoration is the fact that it can be put to use on wood, plastics and chrome. Soda blasting is an extremely versatile method of media blasting. It is extremely useful in the cleaning of sheet metal such as aluminium due to the gentle nature of this method

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

It is our mission to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients. Sodium bicarbonate is non-toxic and therefore poses very little threat to health. We do however ensure that the best efforts are made regarding safety apparatus despite this. Sodium Bicarbonate is water soluble. It is an environmentally friendly substance and will not build up in residential areas. We at Sandblasting Las Vegas feel passionately about the well being of our staff and endeavour to use materials that ensure their safety and that of the environment.


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